October 25, 2008

Intolerant Monomania - Memetic and Ideological Design


We want to begin the next step in human evolution. Humans today show the ability to act intelligentlyas individuals. They excel in pursuing personal goals such as training to become athletes, musicians,scientists, or business executives. Yet they are unable to act intelligently in groups. They devote tremendous time and effort taking in information for school and exams, aware that the immersion in wordsand ideas serves mostly to develop an apathy or meek acceptance of everything, or maybe to prove one'swillingness to obey authority. An overwhelming percentage of students are agreed that school is pointless, yet they still lack the ability to organize and collaborate to change it.

We blame today's values and beliefs for this. It's human culture rather than some inherent human nature that makes us foolish in groups.

Basic Strategy

The information age has created a society where practically everyone has become afflicted with severe Attention Deficit Disorder. Our focus must be to create a culutre where ideas can be taken seriously again. This means limiting the amount of information we consume and viewing illogical ideas with deep disdain.

Concern for the environment is an example (of an illogical idea to be viewed with disdain). The problem with it is that it implicitly accepts society as it is. Even if an environmentalist is radical enoughto propose banning private automobiles, this would require the capability to make people act collectively,which is the realm of social design. Focusing on a tangential issue such as saving the environment can only produce cosmetic changes.

Anything that expects to survive in this world must demonstrate competitive advantage. Evolution shows that traits that persist are not those that appeal to the majority. Instead, each new trait starts out alone. Thus, the eye did not evolve by advertising that it was an organ that would benefit everyone. Each evolutionary step leading to the eye depended on the ability of a few individual organisms to outcompete the rest of the population.

Our competitive advantage is the ability to function logically as a group without internal competition.


We are looking for social designers to join us. We value many of the opposite traits that society values in people.

Reticence Society wants you to be talkative, so you can persuade people, make friends / connections,rise up in the pecking order, etc. You are not judged on the correctness of you ideas, but on argumentative skills, who you know, and what you know. As a social designer, these qualities are not just irrelevant, they are counterproductive because talkative people tend to introduce more distracting ideas take effort to disprove and dismiss. As one of the first social designers, it is crucial to possess the ability to disagree with irrelevant ideas and less important to fit in to agree with the majority.

Parsimony Society wants you to spend on things you don't need. That's to ensure you spend your lifeworking for a living.

Intolerance Society wants you to be tolerant and accepting. You're allowed to disagree on tangential issues, but never on core values and beliefs. We need those who are arrogant enough to do a complete social redesign (create a monomaniacal ideology grounded in memetic defense).

Qualification Process

The basic qualification process involves reading through a book that tells the story of how our group started and got to the point where we are now. We'll discuss the book as you read through it.To begin, fill in the contact form located at http://www.competivism.com / contact_old.html (without the spaces) and we'll e-mail you with more information.

See singlegoal website (Art of Defiance, not Aim of Impartial Philosophy) for updated contact information. E-mail me at form1133 at singlegoal dot info as well as h u s h o k e n at aol d ot c om.

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